Germany Tells Holders of Expired Schengen Visas to Leave the Country Before October 1

Holders of expired Schengen Visas, who’ve been stranded in Germany, unable to leave for their home country due to existing travel restrictions and absence of travel means, have been asked by the German Authorities to leave the country until September 30 the latest.

The decision has been taken by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs noting that the international travel options have improved significantly overall, and currently no country has an entry ban for its own citizens in force.

The MIA will expire the regulation for legalizing the stay of Schengen visa holders who were unable to return to their home countries in time due to the pandemic-related restrictions on international travel on September 30, 2020. Germany is thus returning to the normal case stipulated by law that the requirements for issuing a residence permit are checked on a case-by-case basis,” the Ministry announced through a press release published on Friday in its official website.

As per the cases in which third-country citizens holding invalid Schengen visas cannot leave the country yet due to special circumstances, the Ministry will work to find a satisfactory solution within the existing options of the Residence Act until departure is possible.

Back in April this year, the Ministry of Interior had permitted Schengen Visa holders to stay in Germany until June 30, who were unable to leave the country due to the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide, and the travel restrictions that resulted from it.

At the time, the Ministry had issued a decree also exempting these persons from the requirement of obtaining a residence permit, and also exempting them from any criminal charge for unlawful stay.

Later on June 23, the Ministry had extended the ordinance permitting holders of expired Schengen Visas to stay until September 30, by also keeping them exempt from the requirement of obtaining a residence permit.

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